Needles to Neos, Integration, Automation & EfficiencyMay 15, 2024

Bleakley Law Offices Enjoys a 60% Time Reduction Generating Documents Since Switching to Neos

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Bleakley Law Offices is a family-owned personal injury firm with over 35 years of experience in the legal field.

The long-time Needles customer elected to move to Neos cloud-based legal practice management software to ensure that they could effectively handle cases and access secure documents from anywhere, regardless of their physical location. But they soon realized that remote accessibility to their files was just the beginning of the positive impact Neos would have on their firm.

Key results:

  • Quick and easy transition to the cloud
  • Reduced time spent on document generation by 60%
  • Improved client satisfaction with time-saving integrations

Before Neos

Holding a multi-faceted role within the firm, Marissa Greenhoe, Office Manager and Legal Administrative Assistant at Bleakley Law Offices, handles tasks involving legal assistance, office and building management, and IT support.

About a year and a half ago, Marissa and the firm started to recognize the importance of accessibility when the attorneys at Bleakley found themselves working remotely more and more frequently. After learning about Neos’ remote accessibility, the firm was eager to make the switch.

“My dad has been on Needles since the day he started his law firm, which is why he wanted to move to a case management platform that he is familiar with, like Neos.”

With Neos

Seamless transition to the cloud

The Needles to Neos data conversion process was a seamless transition thanks to the assistance of the Professional Services team at Assembly. Their firm appreciated the guidance provided throughout the transition, ensuring a hassle-free experience with minimal disruptions to their workflow.

“For a firm transitioning from Needles to Neos, it's a smooth transition. Even better, once you’re on Neos you're able to have more accessibility to things that you may not have known you needed, which will make your case work easier.”

Reduced manual administrative tasks

Upon transitioning to Neos, the firm noticed how the Checklist and activity feed enhancements were improving their daily work and transparency across the team. Additionally, the firm has been able to expedite the intake process using dynamic forms and questions in Neos (a Neos Pro feature).

“We use Neos every single day for managing our cases. The layout manager has been beneficial, especially for the intake. Because we are a small firm, the customizable information has accelerated our intake process.”

Another monumental takeaway that Marissa has found with Neos is the massive time savings on document generation, an integral part of their firm’s workflow. Being on Neos has reduced the time she spends on document generation by a full 60%.

“There will be days that I'll create over 50 documents of the exact same thing which would take an hour to do previously. Using Neos has cut the time I spend on this by more than half, essentially by 60%.”

Improved client satisfaction with modern software

To further enhance their efficiency, Bleakley Law Offices has integrated Neos with other essential tools in their workspace including RingCentral, DocuSign, and QuickBooks.

One of the major highlights of their Neos experience has been the DocuSign integration, which is a critical element of the automated intake and retainer packet delivery process. Marissa noted that the managing partner at the practice can now effortlessly send out documents for a signature without having to manually prepare them — a benefit to both the firm and their clients.

“We love all the integrations; it's made everything easier for us and our clients love it. Our clients love that they can just do things digitally through DocuSign instead of having to wait for documents to arrive by mail.”

What We Love About Neos

This newfound flexibility and remote access provided by Neos has allowed Bleakley Law Offices to operate with greater efficiency, regardless of each team member's physical location.

“Anything that you ever need is in the Neos platform. It provides accessibility to work from anywhere on any device. Everybody in our firm really enjoys that you can work from home if you need to. It allows us to work efficiently, even while remote.”

Want to try Neos yourself? Get in touch with our team to learn how you can run a more productive firm.


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