Legal case management software

Still using spreadsheets to handle cases? Maximize your law firm’s efficiency by switching to a legal case management software. Neos helps you to customize, automate, and streamline your complex workflows while managing all case-related documentation and data in one place.

Neos is an essential tool to keep my firm organized and on task. I've used other case management platforms, and Neos is the best.

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Benefits of adopting case management software

Efficiency and productivity

Case management software for law firms helps streamline workflows and save time and money. Automation speeds up repetitive tasks such as data input, reducing human error. Your data is all kept in one place, so you won’t spend hours searching for the information you need. Neos Premium and Pro make your PDFs fully text-searchable, so it’s easy to find that needle in a haystack.

Access your files securely from anywhere

Online case management software enables all authorized personnel to access the data from wherever they are. With all your case information safely housed in Microsoft Azure’s secure database, even a globally dispersed workforce can collaborate seamlessly. You also reduce the risk of losing important files, which happens frequently with physical paperwork.

IT Security

Reduce IT costs

Cloud-based case management software is more cost-effective than its on-premise alternative. You don’t need space for servers, lots of hardware, or even a large IT team. With Neos, your subscription covers all that, as well as continuous data backups, product updates, enhancements, and award-winning customer support.

Access your top applications directly from Neos

The best legal case management software has plenty of integrations in addition to its native features. For example, Neos has integrations with everything from invoicing and billing software to electronic signatures and communications tools.

Improve overall customer satisfaction

Your clients expect efficiency, transparency, and reliable communication. Case management software helps you deliver an improved customer experience, with tools for sending automated updates, tracking billable hours, and easy payment options. You can quickly pull up relevant information when a customer calls, or they can resolve issues via the self-service client portal.

Must-have features & aspects of legal case management software for attorneys

Practice management

Your legal case management software solution should contain features to help your law office run smoothly, such as task management (like the Neos Checklist), project management, and time-tracking functionality. It will simplify your day-to-day admin, giving you more time to spend with clients.

Case management software can also help with scheduling appointments, managing billing and payment processes, and ensuring regular client communication. It even simplifies tracking client data, such as contact information and case notes, so you have it whenever and wherever you need it.

Neos Calendaring

Document management

A great legal case management tool must include exceptional document management capabilities. It has to keep all your files in one place, from signed contracts to practice-specific documents. For example, personal injury firms have thousands of medical records, while family lawyers may keep numerous pre- or post-nuptial agreements on file. When they’re organized, it’s quick and easy to find the file you need.

Document management also involves file creation and collaboration. You can create editable templates for the documents you frequently use, saving time and reducing errors while allowing for personalization. In Neos, teams can edit and collaborate within documents in real time.

Neos Document Management

Customizable client intake

Digital intake forms and automatic case file creation are significant advantages of online case management solutions. With Neos, you can capture client information quickly with customizable, dynamic questionnaires and automatic duplication checks.

Modify existing intake templates, create your own from scratch, and even automatically populate intake forms from call-in or web sources.

Neos Intake

Seamless integrations

When choosing legal case management software, make sure it integrates easily with other applications you use on a daily basis. You might be looking for expense tracking, reporting, and analytics, or the ability to pull information into case files from your communication channels.

Neos has a growing list of key integrations, including Office365, DocuSign, QuickBooks, and RingCentral. You can automate intakes from multiple sources, collect electronic signatures, and sync with your Outlook calendar.

You can also leverage cost-recovery and payment processing apps, and the Milestones integration lets you automatically send text notifications or mass message clients.

Neos QuickBooks

Robust security

It’s vital to ensure that your chosen legal software has top-notch security. Storing your files and data in the cloud is often more secure than keeping them on the premises, as you benefit from the latest security upgrades, data backups, and disaster recovery.

Neos offers even more reassurance, with its multi-region backups, data encryption, and access controls. We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to handle your firm’s data, hosting it in multiple data centers and using biometrics and enterprise-level firewalls to keep it safe.

Neos Security MS Access

Quality support

Another critical aspect of legal case management software is the availability of robust customer support—not just during the onboarding process but throughout your time using the platform. It’s also worth looking for a company that provides training, even for seemingly intuitive case management software.

Neos’ Professional Services Team will help you transition to the cloud, then you’ll have full access to a dedicated customer support team once you’re live. There’s also a handy online knowledge base plus on-demand video resources.

Neos Knowledgebase
Neos Calendaring

The only legal case management software you’ll ever need

Neos was developed for attorneys, by attorneys. That means it has all the features your law firm could possibly need, from automated workflows and customizable client intake to integrated document management and communications.

The user-friendly platform keeps all your important files and data secure in the cloud and easily accessible for your teams. Combine this with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, and you can see why we’re confident it’s the best legal case management software available.