Supercharge your intake efforts with Neos

Dynamic questionnaires, automatic duplicate checks, and pre-populated client information support faster client onboarding. Save time and limit mistakes or duplicated efforts.

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Neos will revolutionize your intake and acquisition

  • Let your intake form do the work

    Dynamic questionnaires allow your firm to capture all the necessary information for a case without bogging them down with unnecessary details.

  • Continuously improve your marketing ROI

    Make better use of your marketing budget. Customized reports will tell you how well your marketing efforts are working so you know what’s performing well and what can be eliminated from your strategy.

  • Automate repetitive tasks

    Send automated responses to clients using custom templates to keep them engaged throughout the intake process. Even use automated workflows to populate intake forms from call-in or web sources – eliminating time spent manually entering client information.

  • Cut process inefficiencies

    Create custom stages, statuses, and win/loss reasons to allow for continuous optimization and improvement.

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Dynamic and customizable intake forms

  • Collect case-type-specific information from a form that expands to capture only relevant data, saving time and minimizing mistakes
  • Modify existing Neos intake templates to fit your firm’s needs or create your own from scratch
  • Required fields ensure the intake captures all the necessary information a firm needs to make a decision on a case, eliminating human error and driving consistency

Seamlessly convert leads to clients

Collect and transfer full case details into Neos from the intake, saving time later in the client lifecycle. View and prioritize intakes by case status so you’ll never let a prospect or client slip through the cracks. Even get a high-level view of all intake activity on the specialized Activity Feed for Intakes

Customizable stages, statuses, and Checklist items

Configure your intake process to map to your firm’s unique intake lifecycle/pipeline, then add unique Checklist items per incident type

Checklist triggered automated communication

  • Send retainer contracts, welcome messages, and rejection letters automatically to clients via SMS or email, then use the DocuSign integration to capture signatures and automatically save the documents right to the case (all from a single click)
  • Send templated follow-up communication to clients you are hoping to land

Optimize your marketing spend

Enjoy full visibility over return on investment (ROI) for paid marketing as well as performance to optimize the conversion process and spend through comprehensive reporting and dashboards.

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  • Introducing NeosAI! Embedded AI-powered document generation, document summaries, and document extraction
  • Native intake and advanced reporting
  • Automatic timekeeping
  • Activity feed
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Settlement Calculator
  • Integrations include LawToolBox, Zapier, CasePulse, LawPay, Mailchimp, YoCierge, Case Status, Kenect, to name a few

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