About Us 

Assembly Software is a leading legal technology company, building on decades of success with ever-evolving solutions.


Formed in 2017, Assembly Software’s mission is to provide the best legal technology to lawyers across America through its brands, Needles and TrialWorks.


We deliver a full, diverse suite of legal case management solutions created with the firm, and the people who work within it, top of mind. Our solutions are used by many of the nation's top litigation and settlement firms, as well as by many leading insurance companies and defense firms.


In 2020 we announced our latest product innovation, Needles Neos, which combines the rich functionality and intuitive workflow that clients love about Needles with robust, new features that distinguish it from any other product currently on the market. As a cloud solution built on cutting-edge technology, Needles Neos is both a modern and trusted solution for law firms.


The combination of Needles and TrialWorks under a common roof has allowed Assembly Software to recruit a world-class management team from leadership roles at leading software companies nationally. With over 43,000 users, 2,600 client law firms and more than 35 years of experience, Assembly Software’s financial strength and stability distinguish us from any other legal technology provider.

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