260 Reasons To Switch To Neos

The jury is out: people love Neos! We fully believe in our software, but part of due diligence is capturing a well-rounded view. Here you'll find hundreds of reasons to switch to Neos case management software—and if you're still not convinced, we'll set up a call with one of our customers so you can hear straight from the horse's mouth why they couldn't live without Neos.

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  • Ainsman Levine, LLC

    "Neos streamlines our workflow and has made it possible for our office to be fully remote when needed and efficiently hybrid otherwise. We've been able to increase our productivity by simplifying internal processes such as document filing, e-mailing profiling/saving, inputting intakes/assigning cases, etc. There are a lot of automations within Neos that replace manual processes and make our case volumes easier to manage."


  • Brad Bradshaw MD JD LC

    "Neos is like having my brain in software/app form. Everything we need to remember, track, be reminded of, or in any way need to work our cases efficiently is all there. I have been a paralegal for 30 years, and Neos has made my job easier and made me more efficient. I love it!"

  • Injured Workers Firm

    "Neos has been a blessing! Little to no paperwork needed now. Easy to learn and understand. No major training needed. Tabs are clear as day. A lot of important information is stored and it does not look crammed at all. Everything is organized! Employees of all ages facilitate their daily work duties with Neos and it truly has made a difference."







  • Law Office of Diane C.H. McNamara

    "Neos can do just about anything! The support is great, and there are tutorials to help you get the most out of Neos. Neos is always updating its capacity, which keeps me on the cutting edge! This is a wonderful product!!"

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