Become a Certified Assembly Neos Integration Partner Today

Integration partners are a key component of the Assembly Software Partner ecosystem. Do you have a SaaS product or service that serves the legal community? Would your product delight Neos users and add value to their workflows?

Assembly Integration Partner

Integration with the legal industry’s leading case management platform will enable you to reach new customers and seamlessly incorporate your application into their Neos workflows.

Neos is an API-driven developer platform built for easy integration with other software products serving the legal industry.

The Assembly team provides access to a safe environment for development and then vets every completed integration before it goes live to ensure a seamless experience for our mutual clients.


See the core services we provide

  • Email campaign

    Inclusion in 1 email to be sent out to our Neos base announcing the integration

  • Social media

    Social media post on all our platforms tagging the partner

  • Knowledgebase listing

    Listing in Neos’ internal learning hub

  • Integration page

    Overview of the partner, way to sign up, and the benefits of using the application


  • Partner directory

    Listing in a partner directory

  • Lead capture

    Link from our website to a lead capture form hosted on your website

See All

Extended Marketing Services

  • Neos Learning Hub video (partner provides a script) 
  • Customer-facing PDF describing your Neos integration
  • Account mapping 
  • Press release (joint)
  • Inclusion in a webinar*

*Contingent on a partner providing valuable educational content, not just a product demo. The topic will need to be agreed upon by both parties