Meet Our Leadership Team

We have assembled a best-in-class management team and are focused on growing Needles Neos, TrialWorks and Needles as well as investing in additional products to better serve our customers.

Ryan Pakter - Chief Executive Officer

Kate Reefe- Head of Marketing

Don O'Leary - Chief Financial Officer

John Kruthoffer  - Vice President of Sales

Bryan Billing - Head of Customer Education

Robb Steinberg - Head of Solutions and Engineering 

Giorgio Garrido - Head of Sales Strategy

Charles Hogarth - Head of Customer Support

Jim Garrett- Chief Technology Officer

Patrice Gimenez- Head of Customer Success 

John-Brian Vyncent- Head of Professional Services

David Wagner - Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors 


Michael Mager  -  Co-Chairman


Adam Jiwan - Co-Chairman

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