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Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm Sees 50% Decrease in Case Time Thanks to Neos Texting and Automation

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With over a decade of experience, the Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm is dedicated to providing exceptional client care.

Two years ago, the firm ventured into personal injury cases in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following their transition to the personal injury division, the firm knew they needed a versatile case management system that would ensure they could remotely work cases as efficiently as possible—while keeping up their reputation for stellar client service—which is why they turned to the Neos cloud-based legal case management platform.

Key results

  • Can move through cases 50% faster with texting capabilities
  • Painless transition to Neos
  • Cost savings by choosing Neos over other legal software providers
  • Streamlines legal tasks with automated checklists

Before Neos

Prior to Neos, the firm was using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything case related. They realized it was an unsustainable solution for a growing law firm looking to get a leg up on the competition, and set out to find a case management solution to better manage their legal documents, streamline their operations, and become more efficient overall.

It was Alfredo Castaneda, case manager at the Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm, who championed the adoption of the Neos case management system (a result of his positive experience with Needles—Neos’ predecessor—at his previous firm).

“We talked to several cloud providers but once we had the initial meeting with the team at Neos my colleague and I knew we needed Neos. The platform sounded very practical for us because we could use it on the go.”

After a thorough evaluation of several other platforms, Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm ultimately chose Neos for its pricing, cloud-based functionality and user-friendly features, which have proven to be pivotal for their firm's productivity.

“We already had experience with Needles and we know how it works. We never had an issue before so it was easy for us to transition into Neos and start working right away.”

With Neos

Legal case management features boost productivity for the entire firm

Neos’ smooth transition and training process allowed the Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm to quickly get up and running with features that they now use on a daily basis to speed up case work. Compared to their previous manual processes, Neos is a “huge improvement.”

Alfredo emphasizes that the firm has greatly benefited from Neos intake features that allow them to quickly and easily set up new client profiles and cases. The effortless fluidity of transiting an intake to a case has been invaluable for the firm.

The firm also leverages several other time-saving features including the Checklists, Calendar, and Case Tabs to help the paralegal team keep on top of important dates, deadlines, case milestones. Furthermore, the automated To-Do List functionality in the platform has helped them streamline client communication.

“When a client needs a referral for additional treatment, we have it set up so the Checklist item automatically triggers a notification to the attorney for approval, expediting the entire process.”

Built-in reporting helps track cases and profitability for expedited growth

Since moving from Excel spreadsheets to a cloud-based case management platform, the Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm has been able to keep its staff more informed by taking advantage of the advanced reporting tools in Neos.

The firm utilizes the Value tab to track case statuses, outstanding expenses, and progress towards closing cases by the end of the year. This has been essential for tracking profitability and growth across legal departments.

“It's really important for us to close as many cases as we can at the end of the year. We use the case reports to gather medical records, to see which cases are in demand, to see which cases are in negotiation and we distribute them to everyone at the firm.”

Leveraging texting decreases case time by 50%

For Alfredo and the firm, the cloud-based accessibility of Neos has also allowed for seamless collaboration, where employees can access client information and perform tasks, such as texting case updates to clients, on their mobile devices from anywhere.

“We're a law firm that is able to work from home. One of my favorite things about Neos is that we can use our iPads and mobile devices on the go, and it's very simple to go through case work.”

In fact, Alfredo shared that the firm can move through cases 50% faster now that they are communicating with clients via the texting capabilities in Neos rather than on the phone.

What We Love About Neos

The Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm ultimately chose Neos due to the platform's user-friendly features and the ability to cut costs in comparison to other case management systems.

“We have great software that we have experience with. We've been doing this for a long time and based on the cost, choosing Neos made the most sense.”

If you're looking for a user-friendly, comprehensive case management solution – get in touch with our team today to learn more about how Neos can benefit your law firm.


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Neos’ smooth transition and training process allowed the Pacheco & Couceiro Law Firm to quickly get up and running with features that they now use on a daily basis to speed up case work and keep its staff more informed by utilizing texting and the advanced reporting tools in Neos.

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