Needles to Neos, Cloud, Automation & EfficiencyJanuary 25, 2024

Upgrade to Neos Offers The Injured Workers Law Firm Big Time Savings

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Sarah Busch has been with The Injured Workers Law Firm since 2019. Today, Sarah is the firm’s head of marketing, but she originally did intake. So, she’s seen the firm’s case management system from two different perspectives. About two years later, she was part of the decision to upgrade to Neos from Needles. The firm wanted to shift operations into the cloud to stay competitive. 

Key Results

  • Quick, painless remote access simplifies working from home

  • Notes enable better client service by keeping the whole office up to date on client matters

  • Customizable class codes empower quick assessment of marketing channels and adaptation

  • Time savings and better document control with automatic file creation and ease of attaching files

The Injured Workers Law Firm in Richmond, Virginia, fights for people who have been injured at work. They also make an effort to help anyone who calls, even if the firm isn’t taking the caller on as a client. That means a lot of documents and information to manage and a lot of different types of contacts. To offer the personalized service the firm promises its clients, it is critical for everyone in the office to be able to get instantly up to speed on any person who has engaged with the firm. Moreover, they wanted the easier remote access offered by a cloud-based system.

Before Neos

Accessing information from outside the office meant using a VPN, and the firm’s server would slow down when several people were accessing Needles at the same time. Client files and documents stored on the firm’s server had to be manually set up and organized. In both cases, efficiency suffered.

With Neos

The switch to cloud-based Neos put an end to remote VPN access, meaning that it was simpler and faster to access files remotely. Remote work itself got faster, too, since the cloud-based system didn’t have the lag associated with VPN access. The firm also saves time with automatic file creation and the ease of attaching files to a case. Sarah says this also empowered better organization of documents. 

Notes also helps the firm keep information organized, and allows anyone in the firm to quickly access the information they need. For example, Sarah says that when a client calls in and says they received an email from an attorney or paralegal, the receptionist can easily pull up the relevant note and provide information to the client or transfer to the paralegal or take whatever step makes sense based on the note. 

“We always say, ‘If it’s not in Neos, it didn’t happen.’”

Class codes play a critical role in the firm’s marketing processes. Codes divide leads into categories for different types of follow–up, including segmenting them for drip campaigns. The same codes also make it easy to see which marketing channels and referral sources are delivering the most high-quality leads. Sarah heavily relies on this information to determine where to invest time and effort and how to focus the marketing budget. 

What We Love About Neos

Sarah’s favorite thing about Neos is checklists. 

“The Checklist is the best, because it lays out my day and makes it so I can see everything at once.” 

She also says the firm has had great experiences with Neos support. Team members can put in tickets and get the information they need directly rather than having to work through a single firm point of contact, and she’s found the Neos Support team to be nice and helpful. 

Sarah expects to further boost productivity and profitability with additional integrations.


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