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Productivity Skyrockets for Tucker Law Firm after Implementing Neos

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About one year ago, The Tucker Law Firm turbo-charged its productivity and communication by moving from paper files to Neos. 

Key Results

  • Instant information sharing among three offices with access from anywhere

  • Big time savings through Notes and the ability to attach documents

  • Simple, reliable tracking of tasks and deadlines

  • Huge increase in productivity with comprehensive, well-organized digital case files

The Tucker Law Firm’s injury practice was growing. Over the years, the firm had expanded to three locations in different cities: Hammond, New Orleans, and Greensburg. After decades of working with paper files, it was clear that the firm needed a more powerful, efficient means of collaborating. Neos solved that problem, and offered solutions the firm hadn’t known it was looking for. 

“The more I work with it, the more I’m excited about what it can do.” 

Before Neos

Before Neos, the firm operated out of three locations, but relied on hard copy files. That made it difficult for attorneys and paralegals in one location to access information about a case file in a filing cabinet miles away. 

The paper filing system also meant time-consuming extra steps. For example, if a client called with a question about their case, they’d have to wait on hold or receive a call back after their file was retrieved. And, finding information in a growing physical case file wasn’t always efficient. 

With Neos

Access from Anywhere Revolutionized Collaboration

The ability to access case files from anywhere with an internet connection is a big benefit for nearly all firms. For the Tucker Law Firm, it was critical. Before Neos, a paralegal in Hammond couldn’t look up a discovery deadline on a case housed in New Orleans. When attorneys in two different offices conferred by phone, only one of them could see the file. With Neos, everyone in the firm has immediate access to complete, up-to-date information on any case the firm is handling, whether they’re in another office, at home, or at a conference out of state.

Notes Drive Efficiency and Organization

For the Tucker Law Firm, Notes in Neos are a big upgrade from the old process of writing down information and carrying it to the physical case file. Not only is it quicker and simpler to open the digital Neos case file and add a Note, but it’s easier to locate that information later. With paper files, older information was pushed to the bottom as a case file grew. They especially like the ability to attach documents to Notes, so someone reading the Note can find more information with a single click instead of having to track down the referenced document. 

Peace of Mind with Simpler, Reliable Tracking of Tasks and Deadlines

The Tucker Law Firm handles injury cases in Louisiana–a state with a one-year statute of limitations for negligence claims. Manually tracking filing deadlines and other time-sensitive aspects of a large number of cases is time-consuming and requires active monitoring. With Neos, tracking is simpler and there is simple back-up monitoring. Checklists keep each member of the firm up to date on all their upcoming tasks across all cases, and the firm generates a report of upcoming filing deadlines. 

Huge Increases in Productivity with Comprehensive, Organized Case Files

Like many attorneys and law firm staff members, staff at the firm were bogged down by the multiple steps involved in creating a file and working with that file. For instance, when they needed to send a letter to a client before Neos, they would have to pull the case file, locate contact information, find attachments they wanted to include in the file and photocopy them, then type the letter and envelope. Now, everything is readily accessible in the file. Contact information for the client is prominently displayed, and attachments can be quickly pulled up and printed. 

The Tucker Law Firm still sends many letters by mail rather than electronically. Even with the time to physically generate and assemble the letter, Neos has reduced the time for this type of task from 10-15 minutes to about 3-5 minutes for up to an 80% time savings. Across many client files and many letters, that 7-10 minute time savings adds up to a significant increase in productivity throughout the firm.

What We Love About Neos

The firm loves the increased productivity Neos offers by eliminating unnecessary steps and keeping information easily accessible. They also value remote access that allows any attorney or staff member who is talking to a client, opposing counsel, or even a judge to quickly provide information on when an action was taken. Neos even shows who completed the task. And, they’re excited about the way Neos is always growing and evolving to better help law firm clients. 

“Neos is awesome in communication and improvements. Just about every week, I see a new feature or course. That tells me Neos cares not just about the money, but making sure the client is enjoying your product.”

They like the ease of use, for the firm and for clients. For example, one staff member said the DocuSign integration is clearer and easier for clients, because she gets far fewer questions from clients than she did when sending out the same types of documents through a different case management platform. 

“Learn Neos. Give it a chance and you will love it.”


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