Neos ePayments

Get paid by clients, disburse trust and settlement funds, and even pay vendors without leaving Neos.

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Your clients (and your staff!) will thank you for making it effortless to pay and get paid on time.

Neos LawPay integration

Use LawPay to receive payments from clients

Get paid faster with less effort. With LawPay, you can:  

  • Accept online credit card and ACH payments securely and efficiently 
  • Share links to a LawPay-hosted portal with clients from Neos for both invoices and trust requests 
  • Set up accounts in the funds tab that are linked to LawPay accounts 
  • See the payment status (which is updated automatically) in Neos 

Disburse funds to clients and pay vendors with a few clicks

Neos’ Digital Disbursements integration allows you to bypass slow, costly, and inefficient trust and settlement disbursements. Why spend time and money on cutting checks when you can send payments via ACH, Zelle, Venmo, or eDebit cards? It’s effortless to track funds and your clients will appreciate more convenient disbursement options.

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