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Trialworks to Neos Q&A: Your Top Questions, Answered

Law firms using on-premise case management software like Trialworks have many questions about transitioning to a cloud-based case management software like Neos. 

To help answer these questions, Trialworks veterans Eric Hill and Pam Hodge hosted a webinar that explored 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Trialworks. During the webinar, they were also joined by customer Laura Teets, who shared her very positive (and recent) transition experience from Trialworks to Neos.

But first, why should you consider a move to Neos?

  1. Automated SMS texting, scheduling, and communications​

  2. Increased efficiency through automation ​

  3. Improved usability and configuration​

  4. Beautiful dashboards, reporting, and analytics​

  5. Security in the cloud​

  6. Real-time collaboration​

  7. Fully integrated​

  8. Built-in AI with NeosAI​

  9. World-class support​ - 97% customer satisfaction rate

  10. Save time & $$$$​

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Trialworks customers engaged with our presenters during the webinar and asked several great questions. Here are the top questions from the Q&A session.

History of Neos

How has Neos evolved since 2020? 

Since the launch of Neos in 2020, the platform has evolved into a best-in-class case management solution for various practice types, including personal injury, family law, insurance defense, mass tort, and more. Most recently, Neos was named #1 in G2's Spring 2024 Momentum Report and received Leader badges in Case Management, Practice Management, and Small Business.

Assembly's product roadmap continues to focus on customer-led innovation. In 2023, we released 43 new features and enhancements, added 12 new integrations, and launched two new Neos certification programs through Neos University.

We also announced NeosAI, which has been in Beta for several months and is set to be released generally this spring.

Transition from Trialworks to Neos

We've been on Trialworks for years; what is involved in transitioning to Neos? How much productivity time each day is lost during transition?

Assembly offers a customizable four-step transition process to shift firms from Trialworks to Neos smoothly. We use secure technology to safeguard your data and train your employees before the Go-Live day to avoid disruptions. No productivity is lost; you keep working in Trialworks like usual until your firm goes live in Neos. The transition timeline varies depending on complexity and individual needs.

What are the costs associated with a migration from Trialworks to Neos? 

We are running limited-time transition promotions for firms considering moving to Neos from Trialworks. We recommend getting in touch with your Customer Success Manager for details. You could qualify for savings like:

  • First-Year Price Match Guarantee

  • Go Live in 90 Days or Get 3 Months Free*

  • Deep discounts and/or $0 in Transition Costs

Security in the Cloud

Where are Neos' cloud servers hosted? Are they secure and HIPAA compliant? 

Neos is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Azure is considered best-in-class and relied on by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. You can rest easy knowing their critical client data is secure and HIPAA compliant. 

Is there no longer a need for an SQL server on-site/in the cloud? Does Neos include unlimited storage? If not, at what level are there additional costs?

There is no need for on-prem servers. With your Office365 tenant, you get 1TB of data and 10GB for each user. You can always purchase more data space from Microsoft if needed.


What integrations does Neos offer? 

Neos seamlessly connects with the apps you use every day to manage your firm. We offer several key integrations, including Microsoft Office 365 (with Outlook and Calendar), Zapier, LawPay, CasePulse, Quickbooks, DocuSign, and more! Explore the entire list to learn more. 

How do I learn more about transitioning?

To learn more about transitioning from Trialworks to Neos and hear about our limited-time promotional offers, contact us for an expert-led demo or email for details.


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