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How Kurgis & Associates Saves Hours Daily Since Making the Switch to Neos

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Personal injury firm, Kurgis & Associates, has represented thousands of clients across Columbus, Ohio. From auto accidents to workplace injuries, their team has the knowledge and experience to handle a wide range of injury cases.

Tammy Kanniard, Office Manager at Kurgis & Associates, recognized the need to enhance the way the firm communicates with clients and tracks caseloads. Having used Needles for years, she played a pivotal role in the firm upgrading to the Neos cloud-based practice management platform — evolving what was once a painstaking manual entry process in Excel to an automated workflow.

Key Results

  • Increased company-wide productivity through remote access
  • Reduced hours of manual data entry each day
  • Automated bookkeeping, settlement memos, and case reports
  • Improved client communication with texting

Before Neos

Prior to Neos, Tammy and her firm used an Excel spreadsheet for tracking all things monetary, including how much a client would be receiving, attorney fees, and medical expenses. As they scaled, tracking each case across its lifecycle started to become a burden for Tammy and her team due to the lack of real-time visibility around reporting.

With Neos

To save time and prioritize cases, they upgraded their system from Needles to Neos, which has helped Kurgis & Associates automate communication and reduce manual errors so they can truly focus on their bottom line.

“The switch to Neos has been such a smooth transition. It has increased the productivity for my position and the attorneys who are managing the firm.”

Eliminated hours of manual efforts each day

Now, Tammy extensively uses Neos daily for streamlining tasks such as bookkeeping, generating settlement memos, and running various reports to track staff productivity and cases. She finds Neos to be much more efficient, estimating she saves over five hours per week completing these tasks compared with how long it took her in Needles. Even better, she no longer has to spend hours inputting data into an Excel spreadsheet because Neos automates this entire process for her.

Created custom reports to drive profitability

The transition to Neos has also given Kurgis & Associates the ability to create customized reports. For instance, to identify high-value opportunities, the firm leverages case value code information so they can prioritize and distribute activities based on the case.

“We use case value code information in Neos to filter out new cases that are in the settlement stage and to identify stages of the case lifecycle for clients.”

This enables the firm to prioritize the cases that are going to generate the most revenue and allows them to determine where these high-value cases are coming from and ultimately acquire more of them.

Increased company-wide productivity by moving to the cloud

With twenty employees in a hybrid workplace, it is essential for Kurgis & Associates to have a flexible case management software that allows the team to access case information anytime, no matter where they are located. Since switching to a cloud-based platform, the firm can send text messages to ensure clients are always informed and their needs are being taken care of. Tammy also emphasized the improved performance she has noticed across the firm by relying on Neos.

“I don't have to shrink my screen or go into another opening. I can see all the information I need to, my emails, faxes, or texting, it’s all located in one place. The cloud-based access is a game-changer, allowing remote employees to effortlessly work without interruptions.”

What We Love About Neos

Looking ahead, Tammy is excited to further implement more advanced texting and communication capabilities for the firm, as well as new dashboard customizations. Tammy and her team have also found the Neos training and support team to be immensely helpful when issues arise, noting all of the resources that are available to them.

“The support team is amazing, we've never had an issue with them.”


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