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Neos Reporting Positions Rhonda Jennings Law Firm to Optimize Their Marketing

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Attorney Rhonda Jennings had extensive experience with both PINS and Needles at other firms before she went solo in 2006. She started her firm with Needles, and recently made the jump to Neos. 

Key Results

  • Detailed reporting lets the firm track the results from their outside marketing agency

  • SMS messaging accommodates clients and keeps communication effortlessly organized

  • Efficiency boosts like emailing directly from Neos with attachments buy back time for higher-level work

  • Integration with Quickbooks streamlines accounting

The Rhonda Jennings Law Firm is a solo workers’ comp and personal injury firm in Charleston, South Carolina. The firm made the upgrade to Neos mainly for the ease of remote access with the cloud-based system, but soon found that there were other big benefits. 

Before Neos

Before Neos, Rhonda used Needles. She was comfortable with the platform, having used PINS and then Needles for decades. But one thing was lacking. As a sole practitioner, Rhonda often works from home. She knew a cloud-based system like Neos would allow her to move seamlessly between working in the office and working from home. 

“It’s a great product.” 

With Neos

Remote access was the goal, and Neos has created the ease of access to files from anywhere Rhonda hoped for. The benefits didn’t end there.

Reports Offer Concrete Measures of Success

Like many law firms, the Rhonda Jennings Law Firm relies on an outside marketing team. Busy attorneys who may not be experts in marketing often have to rely on reports from their marketing provider to see what they’re doing and what impact it’s having. Rhonda says with Neos reports providing real numbers, she can tell when she’s getting value–which is critical to optimizing her marketing spend. 

She also uses reports to track the number of open cases at any given time, an important metric for a small firm that wants a steady stream of cases without risking becoming overloaded. She even generates a client birthday report, to ensure she doesn’t miss sending an email. Prioritizing client relationships helps her retain existing clients and acquire new ones via word of mouth.

Text Communications are a Client Pleaser

Rhonda highly values Neos premium texting, because her clients prefer SMS texts over email. While texting once meant going through additional steps to transfer information, now when clients text her dedicated number those messages go directly into Neos and are documented in the case and the Communications Center. That makes it easy to accommodate clients who don’t want to be bothered with email, while maintaining organized conversation threads. Furthermore, files sent through text are automatically saved to a case file, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. 

“I love, love, love, love the texting feature.”

Cutting Steps Adds Up to Big Time Savings

Streamlined processes in Neos mean small time savings that add up across numerous tasks. For example, Rhonda says she loves the ability to email directly from Neos and attach a document. While the time savings on a single email with attachments may only be a minute or two, that minute or two is multiplied by the number of communications that go out in a day or a week or a month, and before long, minutes turn into hours. 

“I save hours each week by being able to email and text directly from Neos!”

Integrations Eliminate Duplication of Work and Protect Against Errors

The QuickBooks integration was so important to Rhonda that she delayed switching to Neos because the cloud-based platform originally didn’t integrate with the desktop version of QuickBooks. Happily, Assembly is always working to expand integrations and respond to customer needs, so soon after the desktop version of QuickBooks became available, the Rhonda Jennings Law firm made the switch to Neos. 

What We Love about Neos

One thing Rhonda loves about Neos is familiar reliability. In more than 30 years of legal practice, PINS, Needles (both Neos precursors), and Neos are the only case management platforms she has ever used. That trust-building experience also made for an easy transition to Neos, which retains much of the core functionality of Needles while offering new features. 

She encourages law firms to take the time to learn their way around Neos and take full advantage of the features and automations it offers. In fact, she’s looking forward to adding customizations that will give the firm an even greater productivity boost.


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